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HS Honor graduate, recipient Craft and Hawkins Scholarship to LSU 28 ACT, Perfect ASVAB, 134 IQ, 95th percentile, ENTJ Fieldmarshal

LSU BA Philosophy, Art History - Coursework in the history of modern design, graphic design, fine art (charcoal, painting, intaglio). Strong emphasis in the study of Southern Art. Fine acumen for style and fashion. Coursework in ornamental and pattern analysis. Highly developed critical thinking, persuasive writing, logic and reasoning, strong coursework in argumentative writing and philosophical discourse. 

Designer, Infinity, I am - An artist collection
Author, Fleur of the Nile
Designer, Creole, of Course: A Tricentennial Celebration in collaboration with Morgan Molthrop
Creator and designer, la Fleur de lis: Histories, Mysteries, Recipes & Mixologies of the Worlds Most Enduring Symbol
Designer and producer, Gumbo: from How to How; Chowder: from Doing to Done; Hallelujah: Crawfish
Designer: Soaptheory (tm)
Designer: Carville by Roux
Featured in Southern Living Magazine
Contracted by Celtic Studios for multiple movie designs including Video Girl: The Movie
Preferred stylist for the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion, worked with the First Lady
Director, Esteemed Art - an after school Boy’s and Girl’s Club art and entrepreneurship program 
Advocate, the Louisiana chapter of ALS - gala stylist and designer, fashion presenter 
Designed hundreds of weddings
Designed thousands of products with sales in the hundreds of thousands of units 
Worked with the El Salvadoran government on a foreign empowerment project
Featured in the Business Report, on public radio, television and in various magazines 
Organizer Baton Rouge Mid City Merchants Association
Member at large - Forum 35 - Artmelt Committee

•Foreign purchasing, negotiating, costing, buying and designing
•Trade show design, implementation, travel and logistics 
•Overseas consultant with experience in workshops and factories selecting looks for sampling and production 
•Capable to critically analyze products for market success using a rigorous aesthetic and function philosophy for quality assurance
•Formulative, creative reasoning that brings business acumen into design 
•Experience working with manufacturers to supersede logistics agents in a foreign country in order to arrange creative and low cost logistics solutions
•Works tightly with Chinese and Indian companies through strong virtual and personal communications
•Able to work around-the-clock in order to meet foreign time demands 
•Travel to Asia often working in cities like Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Beijing
•Developed a strong appreciation for Chinese relations and have a proven record of being an amicable and forceful negotiator with foreign companies
•Negotiated contracts with ocean freight companies
•Implemented extremely low costs solutions to overseas importing which involved complex geographical purchasing plans that increased the profitability of merchandise without affecting style or look
•Capable to buy, manage, schedule, consolidate, and move as many as 10 shippers of various products and more
•Attendance to China Import and Export fair, Jinhan and CAC Fairs, as well as attended the Hong Kong Trade Development Council fair
•Negotiate contracts in an executive role with 2 fortune 500 companies
•Executive experience in HTML and CSS operations allowing me to see through web developer time constraints in order to produce rapid solutions for web applications 
•Toured over 7 factories
•Experience in high-level executive meetings 
•Bulk-mail expert marketing organizer and strategist 
•Attendance Atlanta, Dallas Markets
​•Led a team of 8 as a style designer, before and after 2008
•Developed business strategies that produced dramatic results in a short time, working with large companies on big projects 
•Increased high-level accounts tri-fold by targeting a more exclusive buyer and resisting common design accumen in favor of fresh looks
•Solely led the financing, budgeting and buying for an small company
•Successfully delivered hundreds of weddings, events, and special occasions - all on brutal time constraints

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